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Unreal Programmer Portfolio ︎

Actress / Young Paint (AV, AI, PC)
Collaborated with Werkflow to create live visuals for the Actress / Young Paint keynote performance at Transmediale (a joint commission with CTM), reacting to real-time input from music partially generated by a machine learning AI.
  • I was the sole programmer on this project.
  • Integration with MIDI devices to detect live events during performance.
  • This project involved two seperate screens sharing in-game parameters. This was achieved by making the application a networked LAN game in which one app is a server host of the other.
  • Developed tools, settings, prefabs that were accessible to the artists on the team.

AAA3: Utopia (PC, Mac) (Work in Progress)
My entry into the third project of AAA collective.
A game about unlearning and relativism in which all entities have a worldview. This worldview informs the AI of the characters, what they believe gives life, what is to be feared etc. Characters can talk to each other resulting in an entropy of their worldviews, mutating into a combination of both. This alters the behaviour of the AI.
As the player, you also have a worldview, which in turn alters the synethesia (the colours, the sounds) of the experience.
  • Entities with parameters which are controlled by both player and AI.
  • Developing AI using Perception and Environment Query System.
  • Procedurally generated world featuring dynamic weather patterns such as flooding and droughts.
AI’s worldview.
  • Created procedural heightmaps for generating terrain.
  • Post Processing effect in which outlines of up to 256 overlapping meshes can be rendered.

Zach Blas - Icosahedron (Installation, PC)
Icosahedron is an artificially intelligent crystal ball that predicts the future of prediction.
  • Entered project at later stage, adapted quickly to existing project and tight deadline.
  • Built system for dynamically mixing additive blend shapes to get naturalistic facial animation on character. This system had to work with simultaneous text-to-speech animations.
  • Developed integration between python script for text-to-speech and unreal blueprints.
  • Optimised and bug fixed existing blueprints.

Rachel Maclean - I’m Terribly Sorry (VR, Installation, PC)
I developed a VR commission from artist Rachel Maclean in collaboration with Werkflow.
The narrative takes place in a dystopian cityscape comprised of London giftshop items. The viewer is able to take mobile phone pictures of a series of peculiar local characters, played by Rachel.
  • I was the sole programmer on this project.
  • Created animation blueprint system to get organic looking pose variation on different instances of the same NPCs.
  • Extensive use of AI, three types of characters each with their own distinct personalities.
  • As the project used a lot of videos for the characters faces I created a media instance batching system to improve performance.
  • The conclusion of the story is effectively a zombie shooter game, including a player health system, gun mechanics and horde AI for the NPCs.
  • In-game flash photography!

AAA2: Data Mutations: All That Is Solid Melts Into (PC, Mac)

My entry into second project of AAA collective.
A story about the alienation of work and murdering strangers through a screen.
  • Sole person on this project.
  • Developed procedurally generated maze layout of interconnecting spaces.

Slaptastic (AR, iOS)

At my time at Spil.ly I designed and created many AR effects for the Spil.ly App series (Spil.ly, Slaptastic, Zoom Boom).
  • The drawn heart effect uses a mesh featuring gradients in separate vertex colour channels as UV information to make the stroke both get drawn length-ways and widen over time. 
  • For the Perfume effect the perfume bottle proved challenging as we could not use alpha blending for the glass. I created an inner liquid mesh, and the bottle itself uses inverse culling to appear transparent, with an additive specular highlight using back-face culling to add a convincing illusion of the bottles transparency and to create a distinct foreground and background to the asset.
  • I created a general purpose shader for design team to create materials with. This shader used an input of a single texture to create a cel shaded material using a separate gradient for both lit and shadowed areas with light information used as a mask between the two. The feathering of the light mask could also be altered to create either a hard shadow line or a soft matte look.

HOMEZOME (VR, Installation, PC)
Personal project I made for Retune Festival 2016. Digital structures formed from an audience adding, subtracting and rearranging modular pieces. Each step of alteration is stored, resulting in an immersive timelapse of collective sculptures.
  • Asset pipeline optimisations to automatically attach relevant components to modular pieces.

My entry into first project of AAA collective.
Procedurally generated hotel hellscape involving tower structures created from modular pieces.
  • Sole person on this project.
  • Extensive use of LUT animation within Unity.
  • Infinite ocean pattern generated through single mask texture projected in XZ World Space at three sizes, masking itself recursively.

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