DATA MUTATIONS, interactive anthology, 2017.
Images above from DATA MUTATION: All That Is Solid Melts Into by Troy Duguid.

aaartgames 002 - featuring Troy Duguid, Merle Leufgen, Gabriel Helfenstein, Tristan Neu, ChloΓͺ Langford, Fedya Balashov, Yuliya Kozhemyako, Jessica Palmer, Matias Brunacci.

data mutations is a conglomerate of interactive projects conceived during a two stage process held by individuals in Berlin and elsewhere.
data mutations is an exercise on expression out of a collectively raised
g e n o m i c s l u s h β€” a collection of data that can be transmuted
and re-arranged with ease

a renunciation of the hyper-individualization
data mutation is open source art/the open source artist
we embrace the genepool
we mutate each other
until we find a better solution