DATA MUTATIONS, interactive anthology, 2017.
Images above from DATA MUTATION: All That Is Solid Melts Into by Troy Duguid.

aaartgames 002 - featuring Troy Duguid, Merle Leufgen, Gabriel Helfenstein, Tristan Neu, ChloΓͺ Langford, Fedya Balashov, Yuliya Kozhemyako, Jessica Palmer, Matias Brunacci.

data mutations is a conglomerate of interactive projects conceived during a two stage process held by individuals in Berlin and elsewhere.
data mutations is an exercise on expression out of a collectively raised
g e n o m i c s l u s h β€” a collection of data that can be transmuted
and re-arranged with ease

a renunciation of the hyper-individualization
data mutation is open source art/the open source artist
we embrace the genepool
we mutate each other
until we find a better solution


HOMEZOME, collaborative virtual sculpture, 2017.

Digital structures formed from an audience adding, subtracting and rearranging modular pieces. Each step of alteration is stored, resulting in an immersive timelapse of collective sculptures.
HOMEZOME is an ongoing collaboration with Jack A Perkins.
DYSTROPICANA, multimedia archipelago, 2016.
Images above from DYSTROPICANA: SUNSHINE COAST by Troy Duguid

aaartgames 001 - featuring Troy Duguid, Merle Leufgen, Gabriel Helfenstein and Tristan Neu.
look at the beautiful coral reefs and lie to me about all the dead parts and soda can.

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born 1990, Australian. Lives in Berlin.
Artist + co-organiser of collective + event aaartgames.

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2019 A Gallery, Avant Beetle, Atlanta
2018 BOABF2018, Breakoff Art Book Fair, Taiwan
2018 Total Immersion, State of the Art, Berlin
2018 Slamdance DIG, Slamdance, Los Angeles
2018 Fantastic Arcade, Austin
2018 AAA Presents Data Mutations: Game of the Year Edition, A MAZE. Festival, Berlin
2018 transmediale Vorspiel Opening, transmediale, Berlin
2017 Games Not Games, Electromuseum, Moscow
2017 Survival of the Twittest, Spam Project, Internet
2017 HOMEZOME, A MAZE. Festival, Berlin
2017 Dark Technology Dark Web, Spektrum, Berlin
2016 Retune Festival 16, Retune Festival, Berlin
2016 The Arcade #2: Dystropicana, HAL Atelierhaus, Leipzig

2019 Hypertalk: Confessions of an IRL NPC, A MAZE. Festival, Berlin
2019 Tactics for Radical Collaboration, transmediale, Berlin
2018 AAA - eGames (the Art of Serious Games),, Berlin
2018 AAA: Acid Games, UniversitΓ  IULM, Milan
2017 Talk & Play, Berlin
2017 A MAZE. Festival, Berlin
2017 UniversitΓ€t der KΓΌnste, Berlin
2016 Honig Studios, Berlin
2016 Creative VR, Berlin

2015-2018 aaartgames, Spektrum, Berlin

2019 IBORG Talks:, Utopia (AAA), IBORG
2018 Arte Tracks, Game Engine Art, Arte
2018 OUTERMODE, Data Mutations Shows Us An Alternate World of Videogame Development, by Edmund Toomey
2017 CAMP, Hyphen, Interview with Rachael Rosen
2017 Goethe Institut, Utopian Playground for Artists?, by Sabine Weier
2017 Itching for More, Dystropicana, by Pip Turner
2017 Itch Game of the Week, Dystropicana, by Owen Ketillson